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Cancun, MX Indian Wedding by Memories Photo Studio


Huntington Beach, CA Sikh Wedding by Avec Lumiere Productions


Dressed in a full, traditional costume, our white mare (female horse) is the perfect Baraat horse. Diva is a comfortable size mount for any groom and has had the same training as a downtown Houston, TX police horse. She is completely fine with the loud music, dhol (drum), cheering, camera flashes and drones (quadcopters) that accompany most Baraats. Diva is capable of bringing the groom in by horseback or pulling a carriage. For the safety of the groom and all Baraatis, we provide two handlers, also attired in appropriate traditional clothing. All the traditional finery used for decorating our Indian wedding horse is imported from India (complete with umbrella). Our two wedding horse handlers will also be dressed up in a traditional Indian attire to blend with the occasion. We are proud to be able to offer a horse that has undergone the same training as the Houston, TX police horses go through. Diva is at ease with the sound of dhol, Bollywood band and excited baraatis as well as flying drones taking video.

Fantasia Carriage

Austin, Texas Fusion Indian Wedding by Spinning Leaf Films

Michelle and Paraag chose the most festive time of the year to host their Indian fusion wedding soiree! We’re swooning over the twinkling lights and evergreen trees that studded this whimsical event. After watching the romantic film by Spinning Leaf Films we’re dreaming of wintery crisp air and gingerbread lattes in the midst of this he...


Austin, Texas Fusion Indian Wedding by Studio Uma

We know for a fact that Michelle and Paraag’s fusion Indian wedding planning was a bit of a challenge. After all, planning different sets of backgrounds and ceremonies require a lot more coordination. The couple brought on Yellow Umbrella Events to help spearhead their series of events and the wonderful celebration ended with a reception...


Austin, Texas Fusion Indian Wedding by Studio Uma

Today’s wedding feature has me falling head over heels. My favorite part of my job is to be able to venture out to all parts of the world and being part of a bride’s big day. There is just something so charming about being able to relive special memories over and over again. Today’s Indian Fusion wedding celebrates Michelle and Pa...



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